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Derelict Vessels

Abandoned and derelict vessels pose significant economic, environmental and navigational threats to harbors and waters throughout Alaska. The AAHPA has been pro-active on this issue, helping to catalyze the formation of the statewide ad-hoc ADV Task Force. 

If you know of a vessel of concern, please report it using this joint agency Vessel of Concern Reporting Form

The Task Force, with the help of the law firm Birch Horton Bittner and Cherot, developed a workbook of templates for municipalities to help with impounding vessels.

For more information on the ADV Task Force, please see their website. 

Current News: February 2018

On March 10, 2017 Senator Peter Micciche introduced Senate Bill 92 (SB92) in Juneau. This Bill takes the recommendations from the Derelict Vessel Task Force and offers the opportunity for a huge step forward in the management and prevention of derelict vessels around Alaska. Read the full text and see its progress on the Alaska Legislature's website. Note that the Resources Committee will be hearing an amendment to the original bill which removes the insurance requirement provision. 

On February 16, Senate Resources passed the amended SB92 out of committee. Its next stop is Senate Finance. 

The Senate Finance Committee will take up SB92 on Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 9AM.
Some legislators don't believe derelict vessels are a problem across Alaska. Your voice of support is needed! 

Email the Senate Finance Committee with your support of SB92.

On February 20, 2018 Representative Paul Seaton introduced House Bill 386, a companion bill to SB92. This allows hearings to begin on the bill in the House which is critically important with so little time left in the session! HB386 is currently in House Resources. Read the full text and see its progress on the Alaska Legislature's website.

Email Rep. Seaton and the House Fisheries Committee with your support of HB386.

Derelict Vessel Talking Points: 
  • Comprehensively addresses the statewide and increasing problem of derelict and abandoned boats along our coast and rivers. 
  • Uses commonsense and protects our state waters, our harbors, and responsible boat owners, and holds people accountable who try to walk away from old, risky boats. 
  • Streamlines derelict vessel response and prevention, increasing efficiency and improving communication between local, state and federal partners. 
  • Sets the stage for pro-active work to encourage hauling, scrap and salvage opportunities to address the real need to dispose of old boats when they are no longer economical to operate and before they are abandoned or sunk. 
  • Protects Alaska. It provides greater security to boat owners, protects local communities and the state, and holds those who abandon their boats accountable.

    Support SB92/HB386 for commonsense protections to keep Alaska’s coast and rivers from becoming the old boat dumping ground for the West Coast.

For more background on derelict vessels in Alaska, read our briefing on SB92 and the derelict vessel issue around the state (7.7MB PDF).  

Download talking points to help discuss the highlights of SB92. 

Want to receive email updates on SB92? Email Rachel to be added to the list!

The AAHPA passed a resolution in support of pro-active changes to 30.30 to improve our statewide prevention and management of derelict vessels during our fall 2016 and 2017 meetings. You can read these, and see similar resolutions and further updates, on our Resolutions page

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