Please join the electronic mail service of the Alaska Association of Harbormasters and Port Administrators.

AAHPA-L is an internet LIST aimed at furthering the Alaska Association of Harbormasters and Port Administrators. Subscriptions are free and open to those interested in promoting the best management of ports and harbors in Alaska. Membership is not automatic, however, and potential subscribers must be reviewed by the list owners who will ultimately determine whether an applicant can join AAHPA-L.

What is a "LIST?"

A LIST is an information distribution system made up of a LISTSERVER and subscribers. Members subscribe to an e-mail distribution server. Subscribers send a note to the Server's address and the server redistributes the message to all subscribers. Recipients can either reply to the original sender or respond to the entire list. The server has two addresses: one for posting notes to all of the subscribers and another for adjusting your mail options. It's important to remember both addresses and send commands to the server and notes to the list.

This is a private, restricted, unmoderated, digested list. Requests for subscriptions must be sent to the moderators, who may add or remove the user to/from the list. Restricted lists accept messages for redistribution to the list members ONLY from list members. List members may send messages to the list, and no one filters any of the list membership's messages. Digested lists permit messages to be accumulated over a period of time (determined by the list owner) and sent at the end of that time. This groups messages from the list (for subscribers who activate the option) into a single file over the set period.

What can I expect to see on AAHPA-L?

AAHPA-L is meant to provide a forum for questions, discussions and
announcements of interest to our membership. List members may ask a
question of the group, post an announcement or offer news of interest to
the association.

How do I join AAHPA-L?

To join AAHPA-L, go to https://www.uaf.edu:8025/mailman/listinfo/aahpa-l
and submit the required information. You will be notified when you have been added to the list.

To send a message to the subscribers of the list, send it to aahpa-l@lists.uaf.edu If you are not a member, then you will need to send your message to the listowner for posting.