Several members of the association have offered to host employees from other ports and harbors for OJT at their facilities. This represents an opportunity for members to exchange knowledge and promote the career development of their employees. With other harbors participating, harbor officers getting this OJT will see how operationa are conducted in more than one facility and will be able to bring good information and comparisons back to their employing port or harbor.

Training will include accompanying harbor officers in the course of routine duties, orientation in local port and harbor facilities, familiarization with Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) and time with the facility's management to discuss topics that do not occur on a regular basis.

The host facility will not charge for this training, but participating members will be responsible for the cost of transportation and per diem for their employees. The host facility will attempt to accommodate trainees and fit them into their normal operations.

The following facilities have volunteered the host OJT sessions:

  • Homer - Bill Abbott
  • Kodiak - Marty Owen
  • Seward - Jim Beckham
  • Valdez - Alan Sorum